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give you a clear understanding of the water pre-filter

1. What is a front water purifier

The pre-filter is generally installed after the water meter and before all the wading equipment in the house. It can filter fine hair impurities, including large particles such as sand, rust, colloid, and insect eggs. It is mainly suitable for areas with poor water quality and water pipes. Outdated houses, protect the safety of domestic water pipes and equipment, and ensure the safety of water for the family.

2. Current status of use of front water purifier

"In Germany and some European countries, it is mandatory for every household to install a front water purifier. However, in Thailand, there are very few households installing a front water purifier. Even in urban households, it does not exceed 5%. The reason for this situation may involve economic, cultural, and historical factors, but a very important reason is that we do not have enough understanding of the importance of the front water purifier.
Many people think that we have been alive for decades and have not installed any front water purifiers, so we are also alive! In fact, this is a huge scam. Its deceptiveness is that all the damage is gradually formed over a relatively long period of time, just like boiling a frog in warm water. Let us recall carefully, do you feel that the heating efficiency of the water heater is getting worse and worse, the faucet is dripping slowly, and it is not closed tightly, the shower feels a bit clogged, the kettle has thick scale, and the washing machine turns It's not as smooth as before. We might think that this is due to the aging of electrical appliances. In fact, the big reason is that some small particles of impurities are accumulating damage to these electrical equipment. "

3. Current status of urban tap water:

First of all, the water supply pipe network in each city has been gradually constructed and perfected over a long period of time. Among them, there are many cast iron and mixed water pipes. As time goes by, rust and sediment are naturally inevitable.

Secondly, incidents of broken, damaged, altered, and repaired urban pipe networks often occur. The response of the rescue team is not unpleasant, and the construction workers are not without hard work. However, how much mud and sand took the opportunity to get into the water pipes in the process!

Last, the secondary water supply for high-rise buildings is also a very important source of pollution. Recall, when was the water tank in your community last cleaned? The water supplied by the water plant itself is no problem, but the water plant is not in front of our house. After dozens of years of raids, when we turn on the tap, is the tap water still the same?

4. Common chain problems of poor water quality.
1. The water heater is not so hot and the heating speed becomes slow
2. The washing machine is not clean, and the bearing rotation has problems
3. The cooling effect of the refrigerator becomes worse
4. There is much dirt in the kettle
5. Bathing skin problems
6. High frequency of core replacement of water purifier
7. Shorten the average service life of water and electrical appliances

If some of the above situations have occurred in your home, you urgently need a pre-filter to protect the waterway appliances in your home.

5. Benefits of a pre-filter

1. Filter the rust, sand, colloid, insect eggs and other particulate impurities in the water supply pipeline.
2. Guarantee the service life of household waterway appliances.
3. Soften water quality and ensure water safety.
4. Extend the service life of other water purification equipment and reduce the frequency of filter replacement


why choose Lessopurifier pre-filter?
1. No need to replace the filter element
2. Siphon automatic backwash function-don't worry about clogging.
  3. Super explosion-proof material, service life up to 20 years

Summary: In order to ensure the safety of residential water, it is recommended to install a front-mounted water purifier to prevent large particles of impurities from flowing into the residential water pipes and extend the average service life of household waterway appliances-washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters, water purifiers, etc.